Nothing Works Good with VST Connect?

I’ve bough the VST Connect pro and i must say this is the worst app ever!
I’m always losing connection with clients, i must always restart both Apps, Talkback not always work, With Studio pass and iphone, the camara don’t work, talkback dont work… What a piece of Sh*** and no one responde e-mails!!


I’ll try and help if you calm down and post a few more details… :slight_smile:

first…which version of VST connect are you using ?

VST Connect Pro

Mac Os 10.14.16

The Studio pass app is fairly broken in my experience - but you can get VST connect to work from PC/mac to PC/mac, albeit with a few workarounds?

Re: talkback - are you using the Control Room in cubase ?

Are you connecting on a local network or across the internet ? Are you using wifi ?

FWIW I believe there is another pre-release candiate due shortly.

Hi marciojhs,

I am really sorry to hear that. Please drop me a mail. I can give you access to a newer version. There is still no release date for that version. We are working on that.
mail : m.spork ( at )

Thank you,


when you have installed the newer version please report back. I’m sure we can get you up an running.

I’ve discover that every time that i simply add a plugin, duplicate a track, the app loses the audio Sync. The video still works, but no audio…

Hi michael
I’ve sent you an e-mail

I use cubase and Nuendo (Latest Version in both).
I configure the talkback when i start the VST connect on Nuendo.
Not using wifi… cable with mac mini.
Thank you

There is another bug… When I loose the audio Sync, i need to remove and add a new vst connect, because the app cannot generate another pass for my cient, and he has to do the same…

Another thing that was usefull it’s when the VST connect creates a Password, it’s always the same for the same project… It’s not very pratical to always give a client a new password when we need to do something on that project or when the app crashes…

are you using the version from Michael ?

MIchael didn´t sent me any version yet…

in that case hang on - as that may well fix some (most) of the problems you are having.

Thank You

Let me just post this reply to thank you for the assistance… You are great Guys! It’s great to know that some is here to help us!

great you’ve got something working :slight_smile:

I’d be really interested in your feedback once you’ve used it a while

I’ve sent it to Michael. You want me to post it here?

it’s your call - I was interested to find you about your experience. Just curiosity, although it might help others ?