Nothing Works Please Help Novice

Its been 4 months now pissing around with this rubbish software called Cubase. I’ve not been able to record a single note of music on this incompetent computer software system.

Issues are mainly as follows:

  1. Static like interference on play back; and

  2. Inability to have more than 2 audio tracks with VST plugins. Any more tracks and its like it is drunk.

By the way, I bought a brand new computer for this - Acer Aspire PC. It is 3.3 ghz processor (AMD A10), 16 rams, 2TB of storage AND brand new Steinberg UR22mkII.

Possibly the worst investment I’ve ever made.

The sad youtube tutorial advises me that, in so far as latency is concerned, it should not be more than 5ms. My god, I cannot get anywhere near that despite this mega new computer system. Then you look at the ‘device setup’ control bit and there is another feature altogether called “Steinberg UR22MkII” with figures in KHz with the highest being 192 KHz and the lowest being 44.1KHz. However, the tutorial fails to explain how this impacts on the buffer size because it does. What setting are required for gods sake!!!

So I am a metal fan and I have Youtubed about getting a good metal tone. So up comes Zachary Spence and I successfully download his package of what I guess are called “VST Plugins”. I put in TSE 808 (eg like the famous Ibanez tube screamer) and then followed by the solo cv 2 thing looks like an amp head with knobs, then some thing called poulan le cab v.10 with some things that you further download (I have no idea even what this is but it seems to dampen the harsh rubbish amp head noise) and then finally a thing called X-cita. I have no idea what any of this is. I was amazed I even managed to download it all and get it to work but I did. In isolation, I have a good metal tone on the Cubase thing. However, if I duplicate the track or add audio tracks then beyond two tracks it sounds like it is drunk and it is absolute rubbish. I thought this new era of computerised music was meant to allow me to do 100 tracks of this stuff. It seems like the VST Plugins are consuming all the processing power and it can’t handle anything more than 2 audio channels with the plus ins but this cannot be for such a new system. How can anyone record anything like this. It is absolute crap.

So why can’t I get more tracks with this VST plugin metal stuff.

The other issue is this static like interference in play pack or popping and crackling while playing. I suppose this has to do with this latency issues but like I said before how does the KHz stuff relate to the buffer size stuff. I have a brand new system so why does it appear not to be able to do anything at all.

The whole thing has so far been the biggest waste of money and time unless someone out there has the answers.

I have no idea how Cubase has sold a single unit of this garbage.

Is there help line that one can call rather than this forum thing?


Try to increase Buffer Size, please.

Because for thousands of folks it works fine, and is not in fact “garbage.”

As a self described novice maybe instead of assuming the software doesn’t work you might consider that your understanding of how to configure both the hardware and software is incomplete. While video tutorials can be useful they are really no substitute for the manual. These forums are full of folks who are happy to help newcomers. However we’re less inclined to help someone who comes across as just yelling.

So turn your rant level down to zero and try to ask your questions in a way that lets folks understand what’s going on - e.g. I’m trying to do ABC and have things set up XYZ but instead of ABC I’m getting DEF. Also we really encourage folks to put their system hardware & software specs in their signatures so it’s easy to see what might be impacting things.

Raleigh8… i think you would benefit from reading this thread…