Notice the patterns in software releases?

Well, being musically minded one cant help to notice patterns - in music software releases for example…

Does no one else think that its weird that when one DAW gets VCA Faders, a bunch of em gets it at the same time?
How theres a bunch of ‘modular’ software implementations lately? (From all sorts of devs)
When one person releases a Pultech EQ, a bunch of devs do the same ?

Are they all reading the same akashic record or is this a human centipede thing?
Or maybe its that Conan O’Brien is pushimg the envelope on late night television??

There is nothing to see here, I repeat, there is NOTHING to see here. Move along . No larger groups than one person, please. And take that eye down from the pyramid!!! You’re not supposed to know anything about … anything!!!

Trash Preferences and Reboot .

It must be a conspiracy. Yeah, thats the ticket. :open_mouth:

I like your use of the word “conspiracy” without the “theory” addon:p

No it’s a campaign against DAW users! They try to makes us mad!