Notification emails from Steinberg?

Hi guys,

I was looking for a solution to my Download Assitant crush and found one after searching for the forum:

Steinberg updated the download assistant - congrats.
Why didn’t I get an email about this? I mean, nevermind, it belogs to the past because I got the solution.
With that, this thought came to me and it seems quit sincire and fundamental - update your client upon changes in the software! Steinberg knows my Email and what products I own. You change something? Cool. just asking - let me know about it. I shouldn’t be searching solutions to this kind of stuff on a comunnity forum.

Also - The maintence update got out - cool, why not notify everyone in their emails?

Dear Steinberg team - I would highly appreciate your response.

I got the download assistant notice the day before it became obsolete but I never get sales info or Cubase update info emails.

I got an email from Steinberg about this as did plenty of others. You’re assuming the reason you didn’t receive a notice is that Steinberg didn’t send you one.

Which seems more likely 1) Steinberg is sending notices to some customers but not to others, or 2) that the notice is flagged as junk mail somewhere on the way to you.

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I got the email too. Sure everyone was adressed, and you have it in your junk folder… Have you even searched there???

@Tille2 @raino
Yeah of course. It’s very simple - I didn’t get any email. Checked all folders.
I’m also subscribed to the newsletter.
Can you sent a screenshot of a mail you received?

I’m sorry, deleted….

Same. Along with about half a million promo emails for anything audio (several of which did work).