Notify For New Replies

I’ve tried a search and went through 5 pages to see if this is a global problem but to no avail.
Steinberg is not notifying me of new replies in this forum. I have it selected to do so in my preferences. It did notify me once of one reply but none other. Is this a glitch in this new system that hasn’t been rectified or is this a remote problem in my account? Thanks for your thoughts.

Is it selected in the options when you make a reply.

It works for me.

Yes, it is enabled in the options in the reply page. I just checked on this reply but I never got the notification for your last post. It is definitely some kind of glitch because I got one notification about a week ago but that’s all. I hadn’t changed any settings to make the difference.

I don’t know what is going on as I said it is working for me. Perhaps this is a browser issue?
What browser are you using.

I am using firefox.

Have you checked the spam folder of your e-mail provider?

Then we’re two :wink:

I’m using IE 8 browser. I also check my spam folder pretty regularly and there are no notices there.
Still a mystery.

very odd. sorry I can’t help.