Novation Automap and their wrapped plugin disaster

hello everyone,

as some of you may already know, Novation has stopped developing their automap software and has no plans for going any further with it.a developer stated this:

“We’ve also had a good deal of discussion about the ‘wrapping’ mechanism in general. Over time and via customer feedback we have observed that this way of working is not really what the majority of people want. It tends to cause session incompatibility, can result in crashing plugins sometimes and has created a huge maintenance burden with the sheer number of plugins out there.” (source:

also this post really seems to nail down the current problem with their wrapper-mechanism:

now I don’t know what to do. if I uninstall Automap, all of my wrapped plugins are gone and cubase is going to have trouble opening a year worth of projects. I read that Ableton actually has a feature to search for a plugin with a different name and open the project with the same settings. does this feature exist for cubase as well? with all the new mumbo-jumbo we got with cubase 8 where I am using maybe 2% of the new features, it would be great to have some resolution to this. this problem also occurred when I switched from Windows to OSX by the way. I am honestly considering going back to windows, since their new operating system has vastly improved over the last few years. but the plugin problem has since kept me from switching.


so I had an identical copy of Automap and Cubase and most of my plugins on my laptop. it is very handy for some testing.

I unwrapped all plugins in the settings manager and then uninstalled automap completely.

my test project opened perfectly and it found all the (now unwrapped) plugins!

no need to worry for cubase users I suppose :slight_smile:

I gonna tried, i guess i had issue with name, but your are right … only vstid matter.

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