Novation automap frustrations

despite many tech support e-mails with novation I cannot get my sl remote zero to communicate with Cubase 5.5 and 6 (demo) on my PC
it works fine on my macbook, works with REASON and Ableton on my PC.

It worked great with SX 3 and 4 (on an older PC) and I think (but lost track) that it worked with my current computer with 4 when I first got it in early 2010.

Occasionally when I boot up the PC the novation transport controls work with cubase but nothing else. It will usualy control REASON nicely when Reason is rewire slave to cubase, but then no cubase functions beyond transport.

I have also found it frustrating that with each update of the remote sl frimware or automap software novation seems to change the mapping of what controls what requiring a bit of a learning curve each time.

Just wanted to say that I think this device has great potential, but I am frustrated and done investing time in trying to make it work.

Anyone else had similar disapointments with novation?

Suggestions for alternatives?

my PC runs cubase 5.5 32 bit os is windows 7 ultimate 64

Always worked fine here (3.x) and now 4.1.since Cubase 4, i believe until 6.0.4.
Transport,mixer functions,Cubase plugs and quick controls all worked perfect.
Maybe this latest release will work with native EQ but i have not tested yet.

Cubase 6.0.4. 64 Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Novation Remote 61SL & Nocturn.

I use a Nocturn Kybd on C6 (PC) I have both 32 and 64 bit installed on that machine…
Automap is a little quirky on the 64 bit C6
Useable but quirky

Automap is working great here with my SL61 ReMote. I don’t use automap with any of my plugins but I use it for the transport and the mixer in Cubase all the time with no problems.

I can control Cubase native EQ,inserts & sends using QC with Automap!

Yes. But since they aren’t in the Steinberg VSTPlugins folder, you have to point the Automap plug-in manager to the directory that holds them. Not at my DAW, so I can’t recall if the plug-ins are in the C:\ Documents and Settings\ ‘Your User Name’\ AppData\ Roaming (or Local)\ Steinberg\ Cubase6 folder or in the C:\ Program Files\ Steinberg\ etc. folder.