Novation Automap not seeing tracks in Folders


i am using Remote Zero SL with Automap 4.5.

i have all my session tracks in Cubase in various folders. Some are in a folder inside a folder…ie i have a track folder called “Electro tracks” and then inside this folder i have “loops” in a sub folder.

Automap is not seeing all my Cubase tracks. ie if i try and assign a fader on the Remote Zero SL to a “loop” audio track, then Automap does not see the track. it WILL see the track if i drag the track to the top of the session. I can then assign the volume of the track to a fader with automap. But if i then drag the track back down the tracklist in my session then the connection to automap “disconnects” again for that track and it can no longer see the track again. When i say that it cannot see the track i mean that in the Edit Mapping screen the tracks name is no longer listed in the Paramater list. And you try and “Learn” the Remote Zero fader to the cubase tracks volume fader in the mixer and it just doesnt “take”. wierd.

what is going on? why is Automap not seeing all my tracks, particially ones that are in folders or subfolders? i understand this is probably a problem/question for Novation more than Steinberg, just wandering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

Many Thanks,