Novation Circuit Knob data not received by MIDI Remote Manager

I managed to get 8/9 knobs created and mapped. Based on the MIDI input indicator, Cubase also sees the ninth knob sending MIDI, it’s just not showing in the MRM interface. After I reset the script and started from scratch, none of the knobs are recognized by the MRM.

Any ideas what to check next?

I have a similar issue with my Impulse 61. It will create 8 faders but when I try to create the 9th it selects the first one. I wish Automap worked in CB12. I could just use that. I’m also disappointed there are so few built in scripts.

I restarted MRM a couple of times, then restarted Cubase, and Circuit, and when restarting MRM for the Nth time it started to respond to Circuit MIDI and I was able to recreate the script with all knobs successfully recognized.

I was also able to map the extra minilab mk II knobs and PreSonus IO Station 24c buttons to functions. MRM is powerful! However, I’m not editing the title to “solved” yet, since I’ve no idea what caused/fixed my issue, nor am I yet confident it’s gone for good…

Yes, I also was hoping my Impulse 61 would work with this new Midi Remote Manager add on, wasted too much time trying to get it to work, it just doesn’t, and I’m no programmer . . . so I’ll just move on and make some music . . .

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