novation controllers / not using automap

does anyone know if some of the older novation controllers like the nocturn and sl mkii series etc can function without the awful AUTOMAP stuff installed using 10.5 pro cubase?

for quick controls using encoders, faders, and custom button assignment…

the SLII yes, it even has a dedicated button to turn it on and off, and you don’t have to use the software. And yes, the Automap software/protocol was mostly a PITA and far too “invasive”, although I appreciate their attempt.

It can operate just a normal MIDI controller, and actually, has a ton of flexibility with plain ol MIDI and 32 templates - you don’t really need Autopmap.

MIDI 2.0 will be fab

what about the NOCTURN smaller contorller with the encoders and single fader?

Not sure about the Nocturn, but I assume it has basic MIDI functionality, I assume the manual is available online somewhere?

yes but it’s old and its hard to find a definitive answer. i am trying to simplify my setup and was never a fan of the HUGE “deep” keyboard controllers with the pads and sliders and encoders so I have NEKTAR GX49 on the way (only 7" from key bottom to top!) and will use the NOCTURN for my encoder needs for quick control as well as custom button assignments for things like editor opening and the such.

ive gone ahead and ordered a used nocturn and will see how i get on if it fails to do what i need I will sell at a loss (as i do with all gear, lol). i do NOT want to “wrap” anything with automap… i have done that before and its a real mess… i just want to treat the nocturn like a behringer x touch mini and have the encoders, buttons working “normally” within cubase

it seems i will still have to INSTALL automap in order for cubase to pickup the driver and the device, but i shoudl not have to WRAP any plugins, right?

I don’t think you - have - to install automap to get the drivers I’d imagine you just plug in the Nocturn. Pretty sure I didn’t have to with SLII? Can’t remember, but eitherway no, you don’t have to install the Automap Wrappers.

Thanks for the help!

Did you ever get the Nocturn working? I have one spare, that might be useful with the new remote midi thing.

I just really really really don’t want to have any automap DLLs…