novation impulse 25 keyboard; nice!

hi all. i’ve been using a carillon 25 key usb controller keyboard (in addition to a 76 note roland a30) for about 3 years. it started getting unreliable. i saw a used impulse 25 and bought it yesterday. so far, i like it a lot more. nice drum pads, better keyboard and wheels. the automap makes a guess at control assignments, but so far i feel better making my own. but it seems to work so far with all my nomad factory, uad1 stuff amongst others, even melodyne (cue 10 minutes of crazy pitch and formant sweeps). also has a set of transport controls. overall a great little controller keyboard if you are thinking of getting something small. ed

I’ve got my eye on this one as well maybe even the 49 key version. Great to hear from others that they like it !

HI wish they carried on with the xy touch pad n joy stick of thier earlier models, well does the impulse have that touch n learn feature on every knob ?? faders // every control?? ???
and what exactly r encoders , thier site says thier encoders arnt touch sensitive ??? r encoders the the endless turning asignable knobs??? any one
thanks sam

I bought the Impluse 25 and I can not get Cubase 6.5 to recognize it. I upgraded to Automap 4.5 and still nothing.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Automap 4.5 4 times, wiped out all mention of Automap, Novation, & inmpluse in the directories and Windows registration and still NOTHING. HELP!
Are there any setup files other than Automap that will work with the Impluse 25?
I am an old analog 24 track, dolby guy and i am just learning all this new digital stuff. have pity on an old dog.

u got to add auto map in device set up , one of the drop down menus , click on a + sign there , also assign the midi in / out etc … many u tubes explaining that out there … only then will it work …
so far the impulse looks gr8 , is there any other controller , like the Zero sl , with XY touch pad , , the joy stick ??? i m so used to my Roland PC 200 MK II pitch bend n modulation on one bender , unlike the Impulse … any suggestions ??? thanks sam

I have the Steinberg CNC-FD fader controller and it is great. It sets up like butter on toast. When mixing the CMC gives you the feel of a Pro studio board and the mouse just can’t match the ease and control when mixing tracks. You can add up to 4 CMC-FD mods to your system which gives you 16 touch sensitive faders. The price for the CMC has dropped to $99.00 and each one comes with CUBASE AI 6. If you have more than 1 computer you can use the AI-6 as a secondary mixing station and you don’t need the hardware key so it’s great if you want to record live on your notebook.
I have tried everything to get the Impulse 25 to work and after much research I found that Automap is not as friendly to Cubase 6.5 as one would like. So, i am going to try it on my Mac with logic and wait for a better release of Automap.
Automap 4.5 most defiantly has issues and as dumb, Digitally speaking, as I am it’s Mac & Impulse 25 till Novation has better windows support for Cubase 6.5.
It seems to me that there should be a website dedicated to patches and drivers for all the third party devices that we all could share downloads which would end the frustration manufacturers leave us with between their updates and upgrades. Imagine, Drivers and .xmp files with batch files to place them where they need to be to get devices to work with the various DAWs.

can any one tell me if the novatation Impulse series have the same touch sensors on thier faders n knobs like thier earlier SL series??? well some how i m yet to hear more of the steinberg CMC series … considering ression , they should make a better price for thier hardware … thanks sam