NOVATION Impulse 61 & Cubase 8 MIDI REC problem!!!

Hello everyone! I have a big problem with my MIDI keyboard and CUBASE 8 Pro. EVERY NOTE THAT I PLAY ON THE KEYBOARD it gets streched to the point i stop the recording. Not even legato, it stretches notes to maximum. Every other atributes like velocity, position are ok, but not LENGHT :confused:
midi-controler problem.jpg
This is happening for 3 weeks now. I tried reinstalling NOVATION’s drivers several times (i know automap doesn’t have cubase 8 support, but I don’t use automap), but i can’t get to the root of this. I work with CUBASE 8 PRO since January but the problem only appeared recently. Maybe i pushed a wrong button, i don’t know…

Any idea anyone?

Solved the problem!!!

I accidentaly switched a knob, useless knob if you ask me, so it camed back to normal.

Anyway, apart from the keys and drum pads, i hate Novation IMPULSE! Cheap materials, knobs and faders that make me confuse, or maybe it’s not my type of midi controller.

This thread can be closed! thank you


I’m glad to hear that you were able to get this issue resolved.

If you ever run into any issue or have any questions about your Impulse please give us a call at 310 322 5500. Phone support is available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm (PST.)

Best Regards,

Derrick // Novation Technical Support