Novation Impulse Fader 9 to Cubase master fader?

Anyone with a Novation Impulse master keyboard (49 or 61 keys with 9 faders) work out a way to allocate fader 9 to Cubase main output? I have Impulse controlling Cubase nicely with HUI but as far as I can see fader 9 will only send MIDI cc7 even when the Impulse is in Mixer mode.

Novation support suggested getting Cubase to allocate cc7 to the masterfader, but that seems a bit clunky even if I can work out how to do it…





I’m not really deep in the HUI protocol. But Mackie Control has the ability to control Master Fader. Can you switch Novation Impulse to Mackie Control mode instead of HUI, please?

If not, the only way would be to use the Generic Remote Device to assign the MIDI CC7 to the “Master Fader”. The problem is, the Generic Remote Device doesn’t assign to the real fader/channel. It assigns to the Fader slot. So if you would have different count of tracks in other project, it wouldn’t work anymore.

I would strongly recommend to go for the Mackie Control way.

Thanks Martin

The Impulse doesn’t speak Mackie MC unfortunately, only HUI.

The ingenious workaround suggested in the Nuendo forum works well though

  • create a VCA channel tied to the master fader, place it at the top of the channels list/far left of mixer, and get the generic remote to address this VCA.

Thanks anyway for your response.