Novation Impulse Zones (how to split keyboard in Cubase)

Dear all!

I have Cubase 6 Elements, Native Instruments Kontakt 5 as software and MIDI-keyboard Novation Impulse. Novation has a hardware option “Zones” which split keyboard in two or more zones by midi-channels and gives an ability to play different instruments with left and right hand. The problem is that in Cubase this hardware option doesn’t work. If I run Kontakt 5 as standalone application, then “Zones” works perfect with no additional steps. But when in Cubase I try to add Kontakt 5 as Instrument track or as VST Instrument with MIDI-tracks connected then there is no effect when I turn on “Zones”: I hear only one chosen instrument in the rack on 1st MIDI-channel.

What am I doing wrong? :unamused:

So, am I asking too stupid or too complicated question? :ugeek:

No, you’re just asking a very specific hardware related question. Only those with the same hardware (and looking in the Cubase 6 forum) might answer- if they recognize the behaviour. Did you try in NI forums?

I have the same problem. Could you fix it?