Novation Impulse

Can someone tell me how I can get Cubase 8 Artist to detect Novation Impulse?
I tried Automap but it only saw my Reason Essentials and not Cubase.

Automap does not detect cb8 yet… a solution is to instal cb7 and run automap setup from there… only open cb 8 when prompted to open cb7… you then activate impuls as device when prompted by the setup

Hope this helps

Thanks for that. CB7 still doesn’t give me the option of Impulse even after I add Novation Automap.
I don’t know how to get Impulse to work.

Make sure you uninstall Automap completely using Novation’s uninstaller. Then reinstall the latest version (using 4.92 here on both Cubase 7 & 8) and you might have to download it from their beta release page. You should be able at that point to link Automap to Cubase 7 then Cubase 8, etc.