Novation Launch/Key 49 controller settings Issue

Hi Folks,

I just bought the above midi keyboard from long and mcquade on sale for like 80 bucks pretty good deal as im just using it for spitfire audio for strings. I have came across some issues I think it may be from the person that used to have the midi keyboard settings. When im hitting certain keys/notes its changing matters in my cubase its bringing up my channel setting then if I hit another key say the C key it will change the view on my timer from 1, 2, 3 to 0:00:000 type of thing. Would anybody know how to reset these keyboard controls as I dont want to use these keys for this function. I just want to hit the notes and the c comes out or the F, G etc without changing my interface or bring up channels selects etc. Im using windows 10.




Double-check Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices.

Make sure there is no Novation Launch/Key 49 MIDI Input used for any Remote Device (especially Mackie Control or similar), please.

Hi there,

i returned the keyboard and got an m-audio keystation 49 mk3 and I have the same issue. Here is 2 screen shots it must be a set up with cubase and windows, would you know what to change?

thanks in Advance.