Novation LaunchKey 61 MKIII Session Mode Not Found

Hi, i Just got the Novation LaunchKey MK3 61 and am running Cubase 13 Pro. I made sure to update to the latest firmware on the LaunchKey and made sure that it’s running in Cubase. It has the Cubase on the Controller screen but when i press shift and come to press the Session Pad, I find that it’s not luminated (Can’t be selected). might there be something I’m missing or is it a Cubase 13 upgrade issue?

Thanks, Nicolas.

I have been struggling with Cubase 13 and the MIDI Remote functionality but with an old Zoom HD16. Did you ever get a solution to this?

I did, turns out it was acting that way only with my Cubase 12 projects (The ones the i started on C12). But not sure if that’s the same case with you? Did you try with a new project on C13 and it still have you the same issues?

That’s interesting - yes, even if I start a brand new project in Cubase 13 I hit the same issue. But I’m trying to use the HD16 mode that uses 14 Bit NRPN controllers which seems to be uncommon. I got it to work in the MCU emulation - sort of.

Not sure about that issue. Maybe @m.c might know something about that?