Novation Launchkey 88 Mk3 MIDI Remote issue

Cubase update 12.0.40 maintenance update adds Launchkey 88 Mk3 MIDI script to factory scripts but having bought the keyboard, Cubase doesn’t recognise it when it starts up.

My understanding of MIDI Remote function is that with the controller turned on, when Cubase starts the script should activate as Cubase auto-detects it & a picture of the keyboard displays in the bottom window & it’s mapped to Cubase.

The keyboard has to be activated manually (via the large ‘+’ in MIDI Remote tab) & script (Launchkey 88 Mk3) with ports selected manually. After that, everything OK (mapping etc.) until Cubase is quit. On start up, I have to follow the same process to manually activate.

I understand the 25,37, 49 & 61 key versions are auto-detected (according to Dom Sigalas YouTube video), can’t work out why the 88 key version isn’t.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Hi @flyjat76 ,
There is a known issue on Windows. Unfortunately it seems to make a difference between having the Novation driver installed or not. You can run your hardware without those Novation-specific drivers. Did you install them or are you running your keyboard using the built-in drivers from Microsoft?

Hi @Jochen_Trappe , thanks for the message.

Novation Support suggested that too so I uninstalled the Novation USB driver but nothing changed.

It’s almost like Cubase sees a script called “Launchkey 88” but doesn’t match it to the controller until it’s told to. Once activated, the mapping works fine.

I have the Launchkey Mini Mk3, and I’m having similar issues with 12.04. If I select a track on LKmini immediately after start-up, the track button LEDs on the keyoard (previously lit correctly on startup) go out (no illumination). But then, IF I select a different track with the mouse in the project window (rather than LKMini), the track LEDs illuminate correctly and remain functional for the duration of the session.

Also, occasionally on startup, C12 .04 reports my LauchkeyMini 3 driver is missing, when clearly it’s not. So I have to reselect the LaunchKeymini mk3 driver for all Instruments that had the driver selected in the previous session for that project.

So I guess some settings are simply not saved properly at close of the previous session for that project? Ie Cubase is forgetful (or getting senile)!