Novation Launchkey [MK3] Custom Mode Mapping [Cubase12]

Hey guys,

I’ve been searching myself sick on the subject, and hope someone got the answer for this:

  • How do I map my custom mode pads through the mapping assistant in C12?

Mapping the default mode works just fine, it’s just that I would like to utilize the color coding of my pads to identify which commands stick to each pad. It would also be great to be able to shift between modes to get more space to map things out.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated, as I can’t find anything on this in the manual or otherwise. I may have overlooked it somewhere, but I am currently unable to find a solution.

I realized I should probably elaborate on a few things

  • I am running the latest firmware
  • The issue presents itself when I switch to a custom pad mode on the Launchkey, where button presses on the Launchkey then are not recognized by Cubase in the mapping assistant

This is the custom mode I’m trying to use, which has been loaded onto the Launchkey.

When in the mapping assistant, and the custom mode has been selected on the Launchkey, none of the pads are recognized as input. As you can see from the mappings, the default mode maps just fine.

Best regards!

I don’t really know the launchkey but I have to guess its logic is the same with the sl. If that’s the case, you should create your midi remote using the alternative midi port of the controller, NOT the DAW one.

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