Novation Launchkey - unwanted MIDI-signal

Recently connected a Novation Launchkey 61 which came with instructions for setting it up by adding ‘Mackie HUI’. (I’m a rookie) Did it exactly as mentioned in the instructions in the video below, but as long as I’m using this Machie HUI an unwanted MIDI signal keeps coming in every second, triggering my record-enabled instruments.

The problem is mentioned at another forum (also mentioned as a ‘c-2 problem’), but without a proper solution. Does someone know what is happening here, and how I could fix it?

When I delete ‘Mackie HUI’ the signal is gone and I can use the controller normally, but then the buttons for controlling the transport buttons don’t work which are quite handy.

Hello there! I’m having exactly the same problem. I followed the 'turn off ‘‘all midi in’’ etc. Did you find a solution?