Novation SL MKIII integration with Cubase

I only found a basic integration with the Cubase mixer:

Can SL MkIII control Cubase plugins similar to Sl MkII with Automap?
It would be great, but I found nothing about it.

Answer from NovationHelp:
“SL MkIII doesn’t utilise Automap. Cubase doesn’t provide access to those parameters via hardware so it isn’t currently possible to control plug-ins in that manner.”

Maybe they just abandoned Automap. I guess the best workaround substitute is touchscreen monitors, but unfortunately Cubase isn’t ready for it yet.

Actually, if a plugin supports multi-touch as I have found many do, it will work as multi-touch when running in Cubase (even though Cubase itself doesn’t support it).

The easiest control is using the VST quick controls, but you only get 8 controls to play with per track. :-/

The harder method is using generic remote setup, but it won’t give you the screen feedback like the old Mk2’s and automap. The Mk3 is much more a standalone controller rather than a strongly DAW integrated design. But you can map a load of stuff using the generic remote editor, and have banks of mappings.

BUT, unlike automap they are fixed in place… Meaning that if you went from one instrument to another the mapping banks won’t automatically update - only VST quick controls do, and devices that have MCU support (not HUI).

Figured since this is an older thread…there might be some insight.

I have the MKII and was looking into the mkIII. How do you guys like it within Cubase and the automapping?