Novation SL MkIII (MK3) MIDI Remote Script

Cheers m.c, it makes perfect sense when you say it, but I felt proper clueless sitting there pressing Grid button when using InControl mode :slight_smile:

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No worries, I totally understand it!

Generally, I use Grid and Options for assignments to the 8 buttons below the display.
I also use Shift and Pads 9-12 (the first 4 from the bottom row) for holding and using other buttons for assignments as shown momentarily on the display. For example if you hold Grid you’ll see the bottom row of our display showing assignments.

It takes some time to get used to this environment :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank for that brilliant script,it is very usefull, I use the PAD 3 to then use the MIDI CC h, in order to create VST preferences with midi learn…It works very well and we can do midi learn…But how do we make the rotation of the knob either synchronizes with the display on CUBASE, For example in the arturia keylab essential we have the possibility of accelerating the knobs according to NONE, MEDIUM, FAST or 1:1… it IS 1:1 which is the good value that I would like the rotary knobs on SL61 to synchronize with the display in Cubase. The PAN functions are also very slow because the knobs do not have the desired responsiveness. Anyway, thank you in advance and I hope I was clear enough in my question. THANKS.

Welcome to this forum!

This is strange, I don’t notice any delays here… Maybe you just need them even faster? The SL MK3 is based on TwosComplement, and this means that in theory at least, the faster you turn, the more the valeu is changed.

Yes, when we are in user mode. When we are in DAW mode (this is my observation from the Keylab MK2 actually) the knobs are set to fixed 1:1

This worries me a little. Talking about using Pad 3 when your are in InControl mode, or when in your templates?

maybe its the way i make my midi learn.
id like to know what is the best way to make a vst midi learn when using your script. thanks advanced

Well, there’s so no such thing as a best or optimal way, however, pressing PAD 3 we go to the instrument quick controls. As you can see then on our displays, we have the first 8 parameters of the VST as exposed to the DAW and shown in the Remote Control Editor.

Please see my reply to another friend on this subject, here:

thanks for the information

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hi. me again. i have a last question concerning CC knob value.

is there a way on your script to change between relative -64 +64 and absolute 0 to 127, because i’d like to apply it on certain CC like pan. to see which is better for me.

thank advanced

Hello, though it’s possible to perform such translations, I haven’t noticed any difference in performance. They’re the same.

Maybe you are not updated to the current Cubase 13 version? In previous versions (I can’t remember right now till which one) there was a known issue with knobs at two’s complement, making them quite unresponsive and unreliable. This is fixed at least at the latest version (0.21).

Hi everyone! first let me thank you @m.c for this amazing script! I was using DrivenByMoss for Reaper but when I changed to Cubase again after a couple of years I felt lost ! you really nailed here! :slight_smile:
quick question and apologies if it had been asked before, but how can I program preset up and down for a VST using your script, any key pair unused I couls use to program it or how you guys doing it?

Hello, thank you for your kind words!

By default I have two combinations:

  • Preset Previous/Next assigned to Grid+Knob 7
  • Track Preset Previous/Next to Grid+Knob 6

Grid+ means we hold the Grid button pressed.

Now, generally, you can fully customize buttons and knobs when you are in states/commands subpages, by editing the file mapOfBingings.js in the script’s folder. Let me know if you need any help with this.

Oh, and there are three pages available in which you can create your own assignments directly from the MIDI Remote Surface UI, without the need to go into editing files. We can navigate to these user pages by holding Shift (the one on our keyboard) and pressing one of the big up/down arrow buttons on the left of the pads.

Hi @m.c ,

I want to buy a midi controller for Cubase and I’m thinking of this one (Novation SL MKIII).

I just wanted to check if everything is working fine with your script with in Cubase 13.

By reading the posts, one thing that was not very clear to me is:
if your script does more or less everything like if we were working on Logic.

I’m asking these because in Novation site they have scripts for Reason and for Logic but non for Cubase.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for your efort in the script and that you shared it.


Hello, if the implementation for Logic Pro (I don’t have this DAW) is the one shown here:

I can confirm that my script covers these things, and many more.

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Thanks @m.c that is great!!