Novation SL25 remote. Not sure if I should be posting this!

I’ve been trying to set up Automap on Cubase using a Novation SL 25 Remote.
I finally got it work, but now its keyboard doesn’t trigger notes on my VSTs!
The menus and sub menus are complicated (to my brain anyway,) and I know I’ve probably pressed something I shouldn’t but no idea what!
It’s outputting MIDI from the keyboard, as the meter display on the bottom right on Cubase triggers, but it’s not listed as a possible MIDI device on the VST instrument MIDI input. Sorry if I should be posting this on the Novation forum but I wasn’t sure if it was a setting on the Novation or Cubase itself.

You need to install the novation midi driver for it to be recognised
ReMOTE 25 SL | Novation Downloads (

once installed ,if you are on windows you can check in the Device manager to see if the drivers installed . Once installed make sure the SL zero Template is set on midi channel 1
Turn off the memory protection , adjust to midi channel 1 , press the write button and turn on memory protection and you should be good to go

Thanks a load Highly-Controversial.
I’ll try this tomorrow. By the way though, if I use Sibelius it transmits notes as normal!:thinking:

This is my Device Manager MIDI section!
There does seem to be a lot of MIDIs there!
What I have is a M-Audio oxygen 88 keyboard, an Alesis Drum pad, (which doesn’t need a driver,) and the Novation SL25 ReMOTE.

I’m a bit wary of taking them off randomly.

I made sure the ReMOTE is set to MIDI channel 1.

Any suggestions welcome (not “give up” though!)