Novation Supernova 2 not being seen by Cubase 8.5!? HELP!

Hi there,

I have recently acquired a Supernova 2 and I am trying to connect it to Cubase 8.5.

When I try and find the device in device manager… it is not listed!?! So how do I add it?

I connected my Proteus 2000 by simply going in device manager and selecting it from the list and it worked… but the only Novation hardware listed is Bass Station, so how do I add a Supernova??

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated…

This is now RESOLVED.

There are some device mapping files that I was trying to use that were not working as they need to be added to the “patchnames” folder… which I did… excepte there are 2 patchnames folders??? So, I resolved by putting in the following directory… “\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<Cubase 8.5…”

Hope this helps someone…