November 2.2 changes layout

I am pretty sure this should not happen, but when I load the November 2.2 fonts, the staff spacing is being changed and staves are overlapping:

Here are before and after screenshots:

Any reason why this could happen?

You have changed the font to one where the 8th note tails are wider (for example in the piano part), so the music spacing will change.

You can probably fix it by putting a Note Spacing Change (in the Engrave menu) at the start and reducing the spacing a bit from the default 4. Try 3 7/8 or 3 3/4.

Alternatively, delete the frame and system breaks and let Dorico reformat the whole score the way it wants.

You could try locking the format of the frames in the layout before you change the music font.

Certainly changing the music font can of course have a knock-on effect on the overall layout of the score, just like changing the text font used for lyrics, for example. Unless you’re sure that the text or music font you’re switching has identical metrics to the font you’re already using (highly, highly unlikely) then of course you must expect the layout of the music to change.