November 2 font missing octavation glyphs

What to do? November 2 font seems to be missing octavation glyphs for octaves below. Here is what I get with both 8 and 15:


Anybody else see this?

I wrote some months ago to the developer about a different issue but had no reply. I assume he no longer supports the font.

“If it’s underneath, it’s basso.” Just use 8. :grin:

Robert Piechaud is often on these forums. @Robert_P

The font is still being sold on Klemm Music, so it should be supported.

But I do. It prints the empty glyph box. And obviously I can use plain which would put it above.

Always a complicated word.

Use Engraving Options to display only the number 8.


The other option would be to change the Music Symbol to one for another font ,in the Music Symbols Editor.

But it’s a defect in the font, right?

I don’t have the very expensive font tools and I can’t make head nor tail of FontForge, so I am stuck. I have had to change to Soli, but I don’t like having to abandon November 2 for this.

What do you want it to look like? It seems like November 2 only has 8b and 8ba glyphs, and not 8vb or bassa, but either of the first 2 work for me. (As well as just an 8 obviously)



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Refer to my OP. It shows a missing glyph box. That’s not right. 8ba or 8vb or bassa I don’t care - just need something. This used to work as I have used it many times in the past. Unscientifically reinstalling the font made no difference.

I don’t know what you wanted in that missing glyph box though. You can’t have 8vb or 8bassa because the font doesn’t have those glyphs. It does have 8ba or 8b though, so either of those should work.

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Well, that’s weird, I have the same glyphs Todd shows… Are you sure you have the latest November 2 version ?
Mine is 2.32
Capture d’écran 2023-07-08 à 16.19.25

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Yep, I’m on 2.32 as well.

100% sure. 2.3.2. Reinstalled. Windows 11 Insider Preview. Not Mac. The fonts are distinct, I know.


Hmm, I’m not sure then. If you go to Program Files\Common Files\SMuFL\Fonts\November2, is the November2.json file correctly installed? Are the ottava bassa glyphs defined?

I am certain now this is a November 2 font issue, not a Dorico problem.

@Robert_P can you please advise?

Either just use 8 with no abbreviation, or use the Music symbol editor to switch in the Bravura glyphs.

But people keep missing the point. Clicking the panel with Alt gives nothing. I can use the popover technique, but I want to file a bug report that this is not correct behaviour, for sure. Somebody else using November 2 will hit this in the future.

Did you reinstall with the .exe installer, which also installs the .json? Or just by installing the .otf file? I still can’t seem to replicate what you are getting in your image with the missing glyph. If you want to post a sample Dorico file, like only one bar long, using that ottava glyph, I’ll see how it opens on my system.

@FredGUnn Using the .exe installer of course. I am aware of the need for the json file.

People are not missing the point.
They have already established that there might something be missing within the font. Since we are not the developer and mantainer of the font, we can’t do anything about that.
What people have done instead is giving you other options.
This is not “missing the point”, it’s “helping other forum members go forward”.

@Estigy No need for the upbraiding. I appreciate the help. of course.

So I’ll sign off, but presumably there are other customers using the November 2 font and this will possibly come up again in the future. The developer appears to be unresponsive to email or PM so far, and also to emails from months ago on a different issue. A pity. It’s a very nice font.