November 2 font

Pardon being slightly off-topic, but is there any way to contact the developer of the November 2 font?

I am finding the octave treble and bass clefs have numbers that are so small they are illegible, at the size of the clef change scale. I would like to see if there are alternative glyphs or modifications to the font possible.

@Robert_P is the creator of the font, who sometimes posts here. Otherwise, the official channel is through Klemm Music Technology: Professionelle Software- und Hardware-Lösungen für Musiker

As far as I can see Klemm only uses German on the website. Makes it impossible if you don’t speak German (I don’t). A pity.

The email for November2 support is finale (at) klemmhotline (dot) de

I’m sure they’ll be able to read and reply in English.

This is the English product page for the font:

Thanks @Estigy I have the font. It’s modifications I am seeking, if it is possible.