November 2 music font update (2.3.1)

Hi Dorico users!

A new update to November2 has just been released: 2.3.1.
This is a relatively generous maintenance update as there are more than 30 new glyphs. In particular, concert accordion fans should be pleased!

As usual, this is a free update. NB: all added symbols are in SMuFL “user” area.

Current users may download it with their original access to the klemm download area.

Highlights are:

  • New glyphs
  • More readable 8a diacritics for clefs
  • Optimized installation for Finale 27 (just for you to know!)

Here are the detailed pdf build notes.



Thank you @Robert_P , I have a huge admiration for your work. Any news about a possible future Medieval plug-in for Dorico?? :sunglasses:

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Hi Dan,

First Medieval 2.5 for Finale! (any time soon…)
Frankly I would love to see Medieval in Dorico. This has been already said, I think, but alas it could be a long way until then…



That’s good news, Robert. The update doesn’t seem to appear on the Klemm website under updates or downloads. Or am I missing something?

Hi Vaughan,
You need to dig into your emails to find Klemm’s original download url with your personal user+pw. The url is the same and only the installer file is updated. This is how it works.
Please contact Klemm Music if you are in trouble! :wink:

We’d need a plug-in architecture first!

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Exactly! And a proper Lua API would be perfect, as far as I am concerned.
However there are other non trivial issues when dealing with ligatures, mensural music or chant… :smiling_imp:

I get an error using the URL. My login worked, but Die Seite kann nicht angezeigt werden!

Aaachhh… Could you please PM me the url?
Update: kind of déjà vu!.. The end or the url should be:

Pay more attention when installing than I did… When you click OK at the end, you system will reboot!

Thanks! I asked for a larger 8 in the clefs. Will download immediately! Appreciated.

Robert, could you take a look at this thread? Maybe you’ll know what I mean. :slight_smile: Size of string indicator after change music font - #6 by tomaszt81