November font for guitar notation

I have installed the font November, but it doesn’t include circled numbers to indicate string numbers for guitar. Only empty squares are available. Is there a way to hack this - or am I forced to go back to Bravura?
I have tried to add the Unicode for the characters, using the Bravura fonts. My thought was to declare a paragraph style and then add the characters either using the Unicode or by copy-paste from Wordpad. But none of these solutions did work.

Hi Jensen,

Sorry about that :confused: and I will make sure these symbols be added in the next free maintenance release of November2 (in progress…)

I believed one could change the just the fingering font to affect the string number (Engrave > Font Styles > Fingering Font) but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for your patience,

Thank you Robert,
I have found a way to work around - copying from the online Bravura chart and then add it as text. When you create them, will it be with numbers in a font that fit better with the style of November?