November Font missing glyphs

i switched the standard music font to my beloved November font.
Although supposedly completely SMuFL compliant some minor glyphs are missing.
For now these are “rf” and the “swash end” of an arpeggio, but sure there are more to come as i advance in skills.

Can i replace the missing ones by a different font as i come across them?

Or, is it “One Song One Font” only?

I know i can enter a lot via the texttool and the playing techniques,
but this would not replace e.g. the rinforzando (rf) when entering dynamics with the popover…

Any ideas?

“Compliant” and “Compatible” don’t necessarily mean “complete”. They just mean “if a glyph is in the font, it is where the Smufl standard expects it to be.”

Smufl defines about 2400 recommended characters, plus a few hundred optional ones. The November 2 font has about 1000.

Rob is right. If the designer did not design a specific glyph, that is on the designer.

However, we are supposed to be getting a Symbol Editor (like Sibelius and Finale’s) in the next update, where you can edit each glyph, including swapping it for another font, if I recall correctly.

1790, though some of those are “non-SMuFL” for Finale compatibility.

Ooooooh!! Though hopefuly not exactly like Finale’s. :smiley:

:confused: :astonished: :open_mouth: Oh! Please Not! – They will do much better, for sure


I admit I wrote “like Sibelius”, and then paused, considering whether I should mention Finale as well. :laughing: Yeah, let’s hope not quite like Finale’s, but you guys get the idea!

Considering SMuFL implements codepoints for each specific dynamic, instead of building them off the individual glyphs or through ligatures, it might be possible to swap out the font for dynamics as well, but this is speculation. If all else fails, I guess you could edit your copy of the font file, provided that does not contravene the license.