novice edit .wav file audio level question

I recorded a phone conversation for a podcast. Unfortunately, I sound very quiet while the other person is loud. Is there a way to adjust the maximum level of sound so as to equalize our voices to the same level?

This program may as well be the space shuttle command center for me, I’m an extreme novice. If anyone can point me to the chapter in the manual for instruction that would help as well.

It was recorded as a .wav file originally.


There are several ways you could approach this.

Try putting compressor into an insert slot on the channel, then play with the presets. this should try to even out the volume between the two voices.

You could also cut the track with the scissor tool at the quiet bits and then use the volume handle (look it up) to increase the low bits.

Also look up automation, you could try to automate the volume to compensate.

Or even a combination of the above.