Novice question from a 25+ year Cubase user!

The little speaker icon has disappeared off my toolbar - do you think I can find the option to put it back? Grrrr! :laughing:

I can’t see anything obvious in the manual - but then I am blind as a bat these days.


Down in the Track list, click to the cogwheel to setup tracks view. Here you can set what icons should display on every single track type.

Thanks for the input, but I don’t think this is the thing I’m missing, I’m talking about the toolbar options that appear when you right click, there used to be a speaker icon which was to play back the selected item at normal speed, the scrub icon is there but not the normal “listen” one.

Isn’t the scrub tool interchangeable with the listen tool?

Same way like select tool or line tool. They have several modes to choose from.

Exactly…at the bottom of the scrub tool (on the toolbar, not the pop-up) a small arrow appears and you can open a menu and select between them.

Bingo! Thanks a lot - however the weird thing is the option didn’t show up on the fixed toolbar until I rightclicked to make the hovering toolbar appear - then the little down arrow appeared on the fixed toolbar!

Still, thanks a lot! mystery solved. :smiley: