Now audio disappeared (again)

After fighting the eLicenser and thanks to a 90 day activation code, I managed to continue working, but now audio disappeared, i.e. can’t play the score I created. I exeprienced the same issue previously, when I began to use Dorico and Ulf helped me to find out the problem (a discrpeancy of the settings of the Low Latency ASIO Driver 44100 Khz and the Window10 Reaktek audio driver 48000 Khz)

Something which may matter: I put my laptop to sleep in order to do some unrelated tasks and problem appeared when I restarted to use Dorico,… BUT this is something I already did today. and audio worked OK when laptop was awakened.

I tried (repeatedly) all the approaches I know to solve that

  • checked the mixer settings
  • shutdown and reboot the laptop
  • cheking HALION SE is activated
  • check the settings of the Low Latency ASIO driver, notably the critical settings mentionned here above

Still no success despite the pain and the wasted time. No idea of what I can do now apart from sending a Daignostics Report
Dorico (394 KB)

Several people have already mentioned this in very recent posts. You are likely suffering from a recent Windows 10 update and need to run maintenance on your Steinberg eLincenser. Be sure to run the eLicenser as Administrator.

I don’t think that’s at all related to his current issue, which is audio, not licensing.

mhch4, I assume you’ve checked all the steps in the pinned thread relating to audio troubleshooting?

From the diagnostic logs I can’t immediately see why playback is not working for you.
The audio routing and port mapping looks fine.
Have you checked the mixer that no channels are muted?
Let’s try something basic with you: Please create a new piano project from template
and add some arbitrary notes. Press play, what happens?
If no sound comes out, what if you go to Play Mode, open the HALion Sonic SE editor window
and click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard, does then sound come out?
Could you please send me both, the piano project and the other project that is not playing back?
I guarantee full confidentiality. Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

Thanks for your late at night reply.

I was pretty exhasuted last night from all these problems and decided to have a break

I already tried to see if there was some inadequate mixer control, but I’m not familiar enough with it yet to be sure

I’ll have a fresh look this morning and attack the issue from another angle, i.e. bottom-up, i.e. the one you suggest, using a different small project (mine isn’t that big 5 instruments, 20 bars, and not confidential at all - just a training project for music students)

Internet satellite connection was down from 9am til now.

I performed some more experiments as suggested,
A old simple project of mine works OK, so it’s not driver problems I guess.

but the not that big project considered here doesn’t and it even ends up in crash dumps when using the Halion Sonic editor in play mode.
Sent all related files to Ulf by email.

Thanks for your help

Thanks, I receive your data. But for further analysis I need to wait until Monday when I’m back to the office, where I have all my tools. Please be a bit patient. Thanks

Problem solved very rapidiy buy Ulf who diagnosed an issue within the VST engine and sent me a reconfig file to drop somewhere into the Dorico installation folders. My Dorico file now plays back OK.

I’m very impressed from this very fast and very efficient user support. This is really where Dorico shines the most.
Many thanks Ulf and all the support team members.