Now available: VST Connect Pro 3

The new incarnation of VST Connect Pro is now available through the Steinberg Online Shop. The advanced remote recording plug-in for online collaborations allows producers and performers to work together in spite of distance. Streaming multi-track recordings via the Internet directly to Cubase Pro 8, Nuendo 6.5 and Cubase 7.5 digital audio workstations is a reality worth experiencing first hand!

New features and enhancements in VST Connect Pro 3:

  • One-click setup lets you initialize your remote recording session in Cubase Pro 8 in a second
  • New design for smarter workflows and more convenience
  • Floating video window for individual screen setups
  • FX inserts for VST Connect Performer to enhance the monitor signal on the performer side
  • Drag and drop file sending via VST Connect for easy exchange of song texts, playbacks or demos
    - For VST Connect Pro users of version 2: take note that the update to VST Connect Pro 3 is free for you.
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Free update for VST Connect Pro 2 users

Updates for VST Connect Performer for iPad and Studio Pass will be available soon.

What does this mean for users (or would be users) of the SE version bundled with Cubase 8 Pro?
Will this receive a patch or will an update be integrated in the forthcoming 8.0.10 update?

Hi BriHar,

VST Connect SE was already reworked with the release of Cubase Pro 8. This update is exclusively for VST Connect Pro.

I can’t see a link to buy on the page you posted ? just VST instrument sets

also how do I go about downloading the update as I’ve already got a version 2 licence ?

is MTC sending a feature that is only working bundled with Cubase 8 Pro, like the one-click-setup,
or is it also working in Nuendo 6.5 together the new vst connect performer 3?

Thanks for the hint. I have updated the link.

You can download the update on the support download pages:

MTC can be sent within the VST Performer 3 application (on the performers’ computer) regardless of what Cubase or Nuendo it is connected to. Required is the VST Performer 3 version (and the VST Connect SE 3 or VST Connect PRO 3 version on the studio computer).

So can we finally remote control a video on the performer’s side from the Nuendo timeline?

Nice update, dowloaded and installed on CP8 without a hitch, nice sub menus there now for both VST Connect Pro & SE. All instantiates and routes like a charm, expect for one odd glitch I’m having:

Mac Pro, Yosemite & Logitech Pro webcam C920

The Logictech camera output looks like digital garble on the VST pro video screen, fuzzy, static random green lines etc. Meanwhile the camera works very well on Yosemite & a host of other applications including Skype, Messages, ScreenFlow, iMovie etc. Perhaps some driver compatibility issue here but VST Connect Pro seems to hate the Logitech camera.

Meanwhile on a MacBook Air /Yosemite, VST Connect is very happy with the built-in FaceTime HD camera.


Oh, sorry. We can reproduce that problem with that webcam. But the problem only occurs with VST Connect Performer running in 64 bit. It works with 32 bit. We’ll fix it. Thanx :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

Oh thanks so much for the reply Michael. Appreciated.

I already had installed VST Connect Pro 2 on my Cubase 8 64 bit, and now I have downloaded and tried to install VST Connect Pro 3. The installation process went fine, but most of the selections on both the Pro and the SE menu are grayed out. I can create and remove VST Connect, but the rest is gray.
When using “Create VST” in the PRO meny, it does not create what it is supposed to. It does not insert VST Connect Pro plugin in Inserts in the VST Connect track. I cannot find VST Connect Pro under the Network for insert, thus I cannot get the VST Connect Pro 3 menu at all.

Are there any prereqisits I missed out on? Please advice


If Matthias doesn’t get to telling you before me, he’s announced there is now a new build of VST Connect Pro 3 just uploaded that may be worth checking out, for your issue…


version 3.0.2 has not had its version number updated in the user interface, on Windows uninstall list, it does show it as being version 3.0.2. (re: VST Connect 3.0.2 windows 64 bit) And yes I did restart the computer…

I reloaded an earlier disk image with no older VST Connect Pro installed. Then installed 3.0.2 ->It installed ok, and also configures the interface.

Does this version (3.0.2) work with the ipad performer now?. When I try to connect VST Connect Performer for iPad, I get “Sombody tries to connect you, but uses an incompatible version”. I have installed the latest version ( Is this the correct version. All of this worked ok in Cubase 7.5 :frowning: