"Now" Cursor inconsistent behavior

I had mentioned this on the old forum, but it is really starting to drive me nuts. I chop up a lot of voiceovers, so use the sped-up playback option at 170% in the audio module. The problem is that probably 20% of the time, I am previewing a file, and I hit the spacebar in order to to stop at a precise point, and the blinking “now” cursor, rather than stopping there, jumps back to the starting point cursor (where I had last begun playback). I think it must be buffer-related because I can follow the exact procedure 5 times in a row and it will happen about once. PG had acknowledged a buffer issue on sped-up playback where you couldn’t access the final seconds of the sped-up clip. There may be something similar here–if you happen to stop where the buffer is grabbing another chunk of audio, the WL may not know where to locate the “now” cursor and just reverts to previous playback spot.

Other factors that can’t be ruled out: I use the up/down arrows during playback to zoom in when I am nearing a split/cut point. This makes the jumpback even more frustrating, because the waveform display jumps back to some other spot in the track. This effectively doubles the work I have to do. I may have listened to a 2 minute section and found a great split point, but this jumpback leaves me no indication how far I had played through, so I have to try to find the split point again. Even if the start cursor and the now cursor are both visible throughout playback ,this jumpback behavior can occur. The more rapidly you start/stop with the spacebar sequence seems to impact the likelihood of seeing this.

I can now reproduce. I will check more after my vacations.
But originally, I couldn’t reproduce. It seems this does not happen if you use a MME driver (if you are under Windows). This could be a workaround for the time being.

Thanks, PG. Enjoy your much-deserved vacation(s) and don’t check the forums while you’re out.

I switched to the MME driver for my MOTU 2408 II with PCI-424. Problem seems about the same, possibly worse, since I’ve been noticing the behavior on Montages as well as on audio files. Sped-up playback seems to be the only factor that is consistent when I see the jumpbacks. Just wanted to give feedback in case you were looking at the wrong culprit with the ASIO vs. MME. Thanks.

I could find and fix the problem. It was easily reproducable by stopping and restarting playback very quickly afterwards, while varispeed is active.
If you leave enough time after a stop command (1 second), you shouldn’t see this effect.

Yes, the quick start/stop is the easiest way to recreate the behavior. I can avoid doing this, but unfortunately, I’m usually seeing it after longer playback. I’ll be playing back a series of continuous Voiceover sections in order to split them into sections. Sometimes I’ll play back 30 seconds to minute or more and it will jump back to the playback start point upon hitting spacebar to stop. If I could figure out what factor was different, I could avoid doing that behavior, but I still haven’t seen any pattern to it.