Now I Wonder

“Now I Wonder” is my September 2017 song. It was inspired by the sound of the song “Last Lover Standing” in the movie"Not Fade Away. The Lyric was inspired by the thought of guilt, when taking something that you never should,

Cheers, Terry

Today I find my self face to the wall
The heart I took has made me feel so small
And as your on your way to give him news
I stand here head and hand and so confused


Now I wonder how it’s gonna end
Will you stay him, will you stay friends
I know that he will wanna stay of you
It’s something that I know he’ll wanna do

Last night may be the reason that you stay
It’s him or me is all I had to say
And though I may end up with pain of heart
It’s what I should have said right from the start

In my heart I know I don’t belong
It’s him and you, and you and me are wrong

Hi Terry, it’s another good vibe. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it.