Now it's stopped playing back

I now have no audio levels showing in the mixer level meters. 2 minutes ago it was fine with the same song.
I have waveforms in all the channels, no mutes, all volumes set.
Can’t see why the audio’s suddenly stopped going to mixer.
Is there something I need to look at.
Is this software normally quite robust? My old LE version seemed to be quite foolproof.

I had to close Cubase down and re start it. Now I get mixer contents and everything’s wonderful. Does this happen often?
Also takes ages to close down. Sometimes I go to task manager to find “not responding” and have to kill it there.
Is this really naff or is it me being neglectful of something?
Thank you.

Some users report the issues you are having. You should add you system/software specs for a (possible) more detailed assist.

Regards :sunglasses:

OK. Thank you. Spec added to footer. If there’s anything I need to add then please advise. Thank you.