Now ready to go from N5.5 to N6 - help?

Hi there, Over a series of projects but now would like to go to N6. With N7 right around the corner (next month or two) - should I wait or will there be a ‘grace period’ for purchasing N6 now (and getting a discount of sorts for N7 when it arrives)?

Also - going to ‘my products’ I see my CURRENT N5.5 is ‘not activated’ - strange, since i have used it these last 4 years or so? Can you set me straight on moving forward?

Many thanks.

(I just noticed that down below on ‘my products’ that NEK, N5.5, etc. all have ‘activation’ on the USB-eLicenser (but again NOT the software itself on the first three lines shown on that page???

I´m the same boat with a second license but it was hinted in the other thread that N7 won´t come in Q1, rather Q2 so I´ll be waiting for a couple of months for news. Maybe there will be an official announcement soon.

Yea Marsman - I did see that. I think realistically it will be LATE Q2 or even early Q3 (by the time bus are sorted out).

I am thinking of picking up N6.5 in the interim just to get up to speed to at least that level (features). Perhaps the learning curve will not be as steep on N7.x