Now that C6 is here, will there be one more C5.x? ...

… clearing up a few minor bugs, for instance?

Or is it frozen forever in whatever state it was in at the latest revision?

Thank you Steinberg, for those of us who want to stay with C5 for a while longer for various reasons before moving up to C6. this is very impressive indeed. It DOES show commitment to your base, and gives us more confidence in the future. :smiley:

Wow … impressive.

The last year or so has seen some very nice improvements to the overall support side of Steinberg IMO. Timely updates, stable product … and this is a really classy move!

The Yamaha/ Steinberg association seems to be rolling along nicely from my perspective! Perhaps they are actually paying attention to their acquisition and applying some resources!

Of course Steinberg can’t make everyone happy … but I for one say “Thanks!”


i doubt it ,as they said it’s the last update so c5 is soon to become like atari ,vst 32 and sx ,no more support or bug fixes so what ever state its in ,thats your lot ! ive always loved cubase but im not to happy about it being steinberg / yamaha !


@ filterfreak

Take a look at the top of the Cubase 5 and earlier forum. It’s an official announcement. 1333 views when I just checked. Did you even read the thread before you posted?

Thank you Steinberg/Yamaha for the continued support. Much appreciated.

o :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: i didn’t see the date of the thread , but they still state its the last one !

I figured you probably hadn’t seen the announcement. I just noticed it today. Who looks up there? Nice surprise, though. Yeah, I’m sure this will be the final update. I’ll be upgrading to 6 from Studio 5 at some point. After the first update, maybe. I can’t really afford it right now anyway…just got Superior Drummer 2.0 with NY vol.2 and Custom & Vintage SDX packs delivered yesterday!