Now that H7 & A6 have migrated dongle-free what about my old RAST-A & friends

And all those instruments which have migrated when considered inside Absolute 6 but are still e-licenser dependants when in stand-alone (Amped Elektra, etc.) ?
Please Steinberg some roadmap.

I suspect existing instrument and expansion licences will start to migrate in batches in the near future. Until yesterday’s release of HALion 7 / HALion Sonic Collection 7 and Absolute 6, Steinberg licenced HALion instruments would only have worked in HALion Sonic SE.

Capacity of the eLicenser servers is likely still an issue, also Steinberg seems to have rather limited capacity to generate and add vouchers to accounts. This is why I suspect it will be a process that happens over a period of time. There might still be work to do in updating content packs prior to migration.

I chose not to use the content migration vouchers I had until Absolute 6 was here. I will migrate my Retrologue content and the Groove Agent content for which vouchers have already been issued, but many Groove Agent packs are yet to migrate.

Like you, I look forward to being free of eLicenser. Once the content packs are all migrated to Steinberg Licensing then I’m just waiting for VST Connect Pro 5 to migrate.

Halion 6 (full) was/is ‘SAM aware’ - as is Groove Agent

This means, despite needing an elicenser to run it was aware of content that relied on SAM licences.

the ‘Verve’ piano is an example of this - it came with C12/N12 SAM licences but runs fine in H6.