Now that we have the Library Manager

Anybody have templates with notable, good or interesting styles they’d care to share? In fear I’ve avoided touching the mountain of settings previously but now have a tool to make it all easier, wouldn’t mind comparing with some house or personal styles people have to get some ideas.

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The attached file contains my settings for slurs and ties. Basically, what I’ve done
is made the slur contour less “flat” (more arc) for shorter to mediumish slurs. For shorter ties in staff, I tried to place the ties so they appear free and clear of staff lines.

Give the settings a whirl and see what you think.
SlursTies.dorico (530.4 KB)


You may be interested in this thread on the forum, discussing beaming and slurs settings for Dorico – trying to emulate some classic Henle engraving.

There’s a sample project file at some point. I’d recommend importing its Slurs, Beaming and Notes > Stems Engraving Options, but be a bit more selective with the rest…!