Now where were we? 'Oh yea', as I was saying.......

Aloha guys,
Good to be back.


Finally. I have been waiting!

And I have absolutely NOTHING to say :blush:

I too forgot what I was doing… :confused:

Sparky! You’re alive!

Nice to see you all! :slight_smile:



…aaaaand we’re back :wink:

Jings :slight_smile:

Aww, I missed you all. Sort of. I think.

Who are all those people on my screen and why are they making comments? :open_mouth:

HAL lo!

Did anyone dream? :wink:


What I Did On My Forum Vacation:

It was a surprise to see those shutdown comments last week. We did get to go to San Francisco…bit of an odd story but I was trying to get hold of two Steinberg Buddies and only had the forum as contact information for Mr M. and Steve Fogal. Sorry guys. Talk about a surprise…I thought it would be nice to have a beer and a pizza some where. There we were but disconnected.

I would move to Northern California tomorrow if I could…

I thought we had to upload the avatar and I didn’t have access to my 1947 knucklehead so this was my first acoustic guitar build in 2000

Hi all. It’ll be interesting to see how the new “Steinberg Lounge” concept works out because I for one will be missing a dedicated Made With Cubase section.

Ditto to that…Kevin