NP Strings Out of Tune

Sometimes the NotePerfomer strings sound very out of tune to me. Does anyone else notice that?

When I exported them to MIDI and put them in a DAW with VSL–which is known for being meticulously (almost clinically in tune)–they sounded way off until I put Pitch Wheel = 0 commands in in the tracks.

All this leads me to ask a crazy question: is there some kind of humanize, chorusing, or pitch variation function built in to Note Performer that is affecting the tuning? If so, I want to turn it off.

I don’t believe there’s any such feature in NotePerformer, but you should check in the Key Editor in Dorico to make sure you don’t have any unexpected MIDI pitch bend data in any of the string staves.

Interesting! KeyEditor is new to me. I’ll check it out. Thank you.

konrad, please also check your midi keyboard. It is a common occurrence, that pitch bend wheels might send out signals if they become old an dust collects on their sensors… we have some threads here about this issue - I am one if the victims, too :wink:


Thank you. No keyboard connected on my Dorico laptop, but that’s a good suggestion. On my studio machine, I have a controller that’s ready for the trash and it sends out random mod 1 values all the time. :slight_smile:

Possible solved. Although I was advised on this forum to set Dorico to 44.1K, Windows 11 on my Surface is set to 48K. There does not seem to be a way to change Windows. I don’t know why, but the drop-down is grayed out. Instead, I changed Dorico to 48K so it would match Windows. The tuning seems much better.

Hi @konradh, the general advice is :
It does not matter what sample rate you use, but you best stick to one sample rate and make sure that every audio app or sound driver is using that one sample rate.
If you follow this advice you will never have such trouble again.


@Ulf , Thank you. For some reason, Dorico keeps going back to 44.1 and I have to change it back to 48 every time I open it. Is there a way to make this stay at 48?

(I also wonder why Windows 11 won’t let me change it.)_

Yes, there is, but it is a bit cumbersome.
First I need to know, what version of Dorico do you have?

I am on Dorico 5. I know there is a free update to 5.0.20 but every time I start the process, I get confused.

Hi @konradh , I’ve sent you a private message via this board, please check.

Thank you, sir! Been very busy with Symphony business, but will get together.