NP4 on D5. RAM, swells, sync, etc

So far, I am really starting to get some spectacular results with NP4 and HOOPUS. I do have some questions and comments however, though some are more for my own edification as I am quite inexperienced in audio matters.

Some of the best results I get by loading one slot per instrument instead of two staves by slots. To this effect, I have a nice template which loads to about 62 GIG RAM. Now, I have 64 on my system (though I am seriously considering adding since RAM is pretty cheap atm). Playing an orchestra score surpasses that total pretty quickly as it goes along, but even as RAM use showing at, let’s say, 80, the scores play just fine, at least most of the time. Whence is this RAM miracle? And also: why does RAM use increase? Reverb? Please educate a poor audio plebe!

Staying on the subject of RAM, why does the meter on NP never go down. I have had to reload NPPEs from time to time, even using small scores.

Creative ASIO using my SBX G6 does not sync NP native sounds to NPPE sounds. They come a bit earlier, no matter what I do with buffers. It’s not a huge deal as I now use G6 for the main computer audio and the Steinberg Low Latency driver for Dorico. I’d prefer it the other way, but such is life!

There is still some swelling on string notes that are in the way, but I don’t know if that’s a HOOPUS thing or an NPPE thing. If I write a two 8th note pickup followed by a quarter note, and only the 8th notes are slurred, I often get a swell on the quarter note.

Sometimes, really-really fast violin 16th notes will be unclear and slightly glissed, though nowhere like it was before.

The bottom line though, is that I am using it all the time at the moment. So kudos from me!

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