NPPE reinstall

Is the only way to get the NPPE engine to reinstall is to completely reinstall Noteperformer as well? I’ve tried going into the file and opening the application and hitting run also, and all it seems to do is reload the engine. It won’t do that start up procedure where it does it’s own drive search for the library install.

I’ve done the repair connection between Dorico and the Nppe engine, but that hasn’t fixed it either?

Still waiting on a return email from NP help.

did you try going to the settings Action menu (top right three dots) for your engine and “deactivate this playback engine”? If you do that, it forces NP to re-download and install the latest version of the engine when you choose to activate it again.

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I bet that’s what I’ve been looking for, going to try that now.

Hooray, that fixed almost everything. I’m still having a problem with Opus flutes. No sound in the NPPE with the flutes, but flute sound with NP alone and Dorico stock sounds.

I have no idea why.

presumably the Opus flutes do work normally when you load them manually without going through NPPE – in other words they’re correctly installed? If so, I’d check your NPPE template to make quite sure a) you do have an entry for them and b) you haven’t accidentally muted them in NPPE so they switch to native NP. Obvious enough things to check but most likely there is an innocent explanation if everything else is now OK. Also make absolutely sure you’re on the latest version of Opus as NPPE can give problems with some of the plug-ins if you’re not.

By template do you mean the NP playback template I load in Dorico? Or the NPPE engine? I know how to mute the individual instrument on the NPPE engine, or the entire set that is open, but I don’t know if there is anything in Dorico itself other than the place where you load noteperformer. They do play normally in Opus. Anyway, I’m going to go back and look at everything or as much as I can think of.

I just meant the NPPE engine configuration. It does no harm to reload the actual default Dorico playback template as well – I’ve occasionally had issues if, for instance, I changed the instrument set up in Dorico in any way without reloading the NP PB config. to ensure it correctly picks everything up.

I had this happen with a project recently. I think I just deleted the woodwinds and reloaded and it fixed it. Using HOOPUS as well.