NRPN Cubase 13.0.20

Hi, this is because I didn’t use the mapping assistant monitor. In the mapping assistant, it will let you choose whichever of these messages (the complete one or others) you want.

Now, the thing is that I didn’t notice you’re on a Mac. My testing was done on Windows, and everything works as expected.

Today I tested things on my Mac, and you’re right! In CB12 I get the NRPN recognized properly and mappings (obviously) work. However, in CB13 latest version (running either on Silicon or Rosetta), NRPN is not recognized, either send by BMT or by my Novation SL MK3 properly setup in its user mode.

I’m no way an experienced Mac user, to not say I’m a total novice, so maybe, just maybe, there’s something in preferences, a filter or whatever creating the issue. Otherwise, it’s a bug.