I am using C6 running on Vista under bootcamp. I am trying to export 5.1 files to windows media format and keep getting the error NS_E_AUDIO_CODEC_NOT_INSTALLED. I have done some searchs and can’t find anything on this. any help would be great.

No one else has got this message?

I am getting this error too. Even after updating to 6.0.1. Using Windows 7 64bit. Not sure if this is a Windows or a Cubase issue (is the codec missing from Cubase or Windows). Any thoughts welcome.


I can reproduce it. If this is a MS problem or Cubase I currently cannot tell. Win 7 64-bit C6.0.2 (28631)



  1. Create new Blank project
  2. Clear all output busses in VST Connections
  3. Create new Output Bus – 5.1 configuration
  4. Create 5 mono audio tracks
  5. Set output of each track to a 5.1 channel (L,R,C,Lfe,SL,SR)
  6. Record on each track
  7. Set left and right markers
  8. Save the file
  9. File  Export  Audio Mixdown
  10. Set name and path
  11. File format WMA
  12. Other settings default
  13. Click Export
  15. Actually it is not “OK” :cry:

Config: Windows 7 64bit SP1, Cubase 6.0.1 Build 270, HP Pavilion 6260a (Intel Quad core Q6600 6GB RAM)

Happens to me too. :cry:

Can we consider this is now a formally reported bug that Steinberg is now investigating?


Hello Mike,

Yes. More details can be found here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400

Other reports that have been made will be collected next week. I’m just back from holiday, and we are currently packing at Steinberg, because we gonna move to a new office this weekend.



Any progress on fixing this? I would really like to start using this capability.

Well I just installed 6.06 and this still does not work. Exactly the same error as the title. In the last year I have replaced my computer and completely reinstalled everything.

Can anyone make this work?

It is now over a year since you acknowledged this is a problem in Cubase that can be replicated. I really need to start 5.1 projects now and I currently cannot use Cubase to do this. Can you please tell me when this will be fixed?


According to the “Known Issues and Solutions” of the Cubase 6 Version History:

[Export] * Windows Media Audio export
from 5.1 bus results in unexpected error.

The Microsoft codec component doesn’t work. A
Windows 7 update might fix this problem. Please
contact Microsoft for further details.

Looks like it’s Microsoft’s issue.

If this is a Microsoft issue then Steinberg developers should take this up with Microsoft developers; not get their customers to try and deal with this issue.

What this really means, since there is no solution, is that Cubase does not support surround sound output under Windows. Steinberg should change the specifications of Cubase to state this and put a disclaimer on advertising material “5.1 Surround (Mac Only)” as otherwise it is clearly misrepresentation.

We had this problem and solved it.

We have successfully exported a surround project in WAV and WMV formats.

Set up a surround project

File/Export/Audio Mixdown/File format/Windows Media Audio File then Codec Settings/ General: 44.100 kHz, 16 bit, 5.1 channel, / Encoding Scheme: Constant Bitrate, 440 kbps, 44kHz, 5.1 channel 16bit CBR/OK.

Export : error message: NS_E_AUDIO_NOT_INSTALLED/ press OK

Audio mixdown dialog opens again. Press Export.

Dialog box opens: File exists already! /Create Unique Name.

Then everything works!

So it appears the error message: NS_E_AUDIO_NOT_INSTALLED/OK is a false alarm.

You just need to press the Export button twice!

This bug only seems to happen the first time you try to render the project. After that it works fine again and again.
Change the destination folder and the bug returns.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

Press Export again. Fixed!

Hey, thanks heaps! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Such a simple, yet non-obvious answer. Shame the folk at Steinberg could’t have posted this workaround a year ago when they validated the problem.

I owe you :smiley: