Ntdll on wrong drive? EFI partition issue (SOLVED)

I have a bizarre issue. My OS is installed on an SSD called Radeon (240GB). I have another drive called Corsair Force (120GB), which used to have a few programs installed on it from when I was using a previous operating system. I removed the Corsair Force drive and after booting to radeon windows says

NTDLL missing, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

If I return the Corsair Force drive to the system, the system boots fine. I haven’t been able to find any simple solutions to this online but it seems that it’s possible during installation windows will write the bootmgr to the wrong drive, or something. Any ideas? I guess I should be posting in Tom’s Hardware or something but I thought I would try here first.

I’ve had that problem in the past and the only way I found around it was to re-install the OS without any other drives connected.
It does seem like Windows will install certain files on different drives in a multi drive system.

Yikes. My next idea is to make a system image and restore the system image to a new drive. Hopefully that will work…

Windows puts the EFI partition on whatever is Drive 0, apparently. Couple of options, one of which is to copy the EFI partition over to C, but I’m squeamish about that so I’m just going to make a system image and restore on to a fresh drive