NU 5.5.6 - Control Room: Downmix and Speaker Solo issue

Hi all,

all of a sudden, my trusty old Nuendo 5.5.6. install (which I used for work during thousands of hours) won’t create a proper down-mix anymore when switching between output formats (5.1 > stereo > mono). I can’t open the MixConvert settings anymore either. :open_mouth:

… to add insult to injury, the Speaker Solo feature doesn’t work anymore. When I click on the center speaker’s icon it turns orange as expected, but I still hear the test signal from all 6 speakers.

I tested this with a single mono channel in a new project created from scratch, too (to avoid any “template-based” errors), but I can’t get it to work. The only thing that happened between now and the last time I worked with this version is the dreaded plug-in re-scan due to the change to summer-saving-time.

Any solutions / inputs / suggestions / ideas …? :-/

Oddly enough, all these features seem to work properly on the same machine in NU6, but I can’t stand its graphics, so using a more recent version than 5.5.6. for real work is no alternative, in my case.