NU10 - How to change color palette (or import palettes used with previous versions)?

… subject says it all. Is there a new feature hidden somewhere?

AFAIR you can select own colours from a color palette. I saw this in one of the Youtube videos last recently.

I think it was this one about workflow improvements after minute 2:xx

These are other 2 videos about new features:

Ahh! Thanks a bunch. “Project Color Setup” is the secret keyword. :slight_smile:

Phew … adding all the colors the GUI-designers seem to dislike is a tedious effort, but it works (somehow).

Why can’t we just import the tried-and-tested color sets from previous Nuendo-versions …? :-/

Compatibility issues Dietz … compatibility …


Understood - but why no simple batch to modify an XML externally? Maybe even automatically during installation? This should take somebody who knows what s/he’s doing an hour - but it would saved hundreds of cumulated hours on the side of the users.

Every time a user says “this is an easy fix”, a programmer dies.

Every time a software engineer_*)_ says “That won’t work”, a user dies. :wink:

*) I know them, believe me.

How awful. It looks like a ceramic floor of bad taste. Why all this lost space, all these useless frames? Coarse design.

You made my day :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: